How will food businesses be rated?

From January 2019, all licensed food businesses within the Mackay region (except water carriers and honey manufacturers) will receive an Eat Safe Mackay food safety audit and a star rating.

The food safety audit is conducted by Council’s Environmental Health Officers to record the food business’ practices and procedures in handling and preparing food under the Food Act 2006 and Food Safety Standards. Any non-compliance issues established are documented and the final results calculated to give the food business a star rating.  The results are formally documented on an audit proforma similar to the Eat Safe Mackay checklist.

All food businesses will be star rated, however the public display of the Eat Safe Mackay star ratings is voluntary. Businesses can opt in to display their star rating by using the Agreement to Display Food Safety Rating form and returning it back to council.

In order to better understand what is required to comply with legislation and help work towards a higher star rating, food businesses should read the Food Safety Made Easy Guide.

Additional fact sheets, templates and information to help you and your business comply with the Food Act 2006 and Food Safety Standards, can be found here.

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