Loading zones

Commercial loading zones have been put in place to ensure that courier and trade vehicles are able to park to load and unload goods and supplies to businesses, in a safe manner and at a location near to the business.

These are intended to provide short term parking only and most commercial loading zones in the Mackay region have a maximum stay of 20 minutes only.

If the loading zone does not have the time written on the sign, then the vehicle is entitled to stay for 30 minutes. This rule also applies to ordinary loading zones.

Under the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995 all vehicles parked in loading zones are required to display a commercial vehicle identification label. Commercial vehicle identification labels are available by competing an application for approval of a motor vehicle as a commercial vehicle and lodging it with council.

All commercial vehicle labels must be:

a) Prominently displayed on the left hand side front window of the vehicle

b)  If the vehicle is equipped with hinged ventilation windows, affixed to one of the hinged ventilation windows

c) If the vehicle is not equipped with hinged ventilation window, affixed to the lowest left hand section of the windscreen of the vehicle.

Vehicles which may be issued with a commercial vehicle identification label include:

a) Any motor vehicle constructed, fitted or equipped for the carriage of persons which is used for carrying on a business that requires the regular use of loading zones

b) Any vehicle that is permanently sign written (painted) or displays a magnetic or other sticker that indicates that the vehicle is being used in connection with carrying on a business.

c) Vehicles must fit the above description and also be loading or unloading goods.

Please note: Vehicle registrations with Queensland Transport or other State or Territory transport authority has no bearing on whether the vehicle is permitted to use a commercial loading zone. Approval is sought by council.