paystay-logoMackay Regional Council uses PayStay to pay for paid parking in the City Centre.

PayStay is a system that allows motorists to pay for parking via their phone instead of a parking meter.

Residents who don't want to use PayStay are advised to park in Mid-City Carpark or Cinema Carpark, which both have a paid parking machine that takes coin or credit/debit cards. Otherwise, why not take advantage of the free, timed carparks in the City Centre.

There are four simple options residents can use to pay for their parking using PayStay including using the mobile app, through the PayStay website, SMS or phone call.

How to use PayStay


The first step is registering your vehicle with PayStay. Registration is a one-off, quick and easy process. To register either visit and create an account or download the Paystay app for Apple or Android and follow the prompts to create an account.


Parking locations covered by PayStay in the Mackay region include:

  • Wharf Carpark (Cnr Brisbane and River streets) - ZONE 47400002
  • Riverside Carpark (Cnr River and Gregory streets) - ZONE 47400003
  • Mid-City Carpark (Cnr Gordon and Gregory streets) - ZONE 47400004
  • Cinema Carpark (Cnr Gordon and Wood streets) - ZONE 47400005 - FOUR HOURS MAX


After parking, simply enter the zone number (as per the sign where you park), select next and start your parking session. Select ‘stop’ to end the session. Cost is 70c per hour or $5 all day parking.

Four options to choose from:


Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to use the PayStay app.

Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to use the PayStay SMS service.

Got a question?

Our extensive FAQs are here to answer any questions you might have about PayStay

Long-term parking tickets

Long-term parking tickets can be purchased directly from PayStay.

To book a ticket, simply register or log-in to the PayStay app or website and select the zone  47409900 and time period for the ticket which range from one month to 12 months (31 day intervals).

For more details click here

Don't want to use PayStay?

> There are 2500 free, timed on-street carparks available through the city for short-term use. Time limits range from 30 minutes to three hours.

> Disabled parking permits can be used to park at an on-street carpark for an unlimited time, where the time limit shown on the sign is 30 minutes or more.

> Mid-City Carpark (all day parking) and Cinema Carpark (four hour maximum parking) have paid parking machines that accept coin and credit/debit cards. Park in these carparks if you prefer not to use PayStay.