State Government Emergency Levy

The State Government Emergency Management Levy is a compulsory charge collected by Council on behalf of the State Government under the Fire and Emergency Services Act 1990.

Charges are levied on each separately surveyed parcel of land.

State Government Emergency Management Levy

Annual Charge (Per Prescribed Property) i.e. parcel of land for the period July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022

Levy Group

Mackay Urban
(Class A)

Sarina Urban
(Class D)

(Class E)

Group 1




Group 2




Group 3




Group 4




Group 5




Group 6




Group 7




Group 8




Group 9




Group 10




Group 11




Group 12




Group 13




Group 14



Group 15



Common classification examples:

  • Levy Group 1 - Vacant Land, Jetty
  • Levy Group 2 - Single Unit Residence, Residential Flats or Units that are not lots (no more than 2), Residential unit that is a lot, Farm or area used for grazing with a dwelling, Carpark (1 Level), Office < 51m2
  • Levy Group 3 -  Residential Flats or units that are not lots (not more than 2 levels), Caravan Park (not more than 50 sites), Church, Church Hall or Community Hall, Industry (floor area 51-500m2)
  • Levy Group 4 - Hotel/Motel (not more than 2 levels), Office, Shop or Commercial Premises (251-500m2), Restaurant, including floating restaurant, that is licenced premises, Industry (floor area 501-1125m2)

A full list of the Levy Group classifications is contained in Schedule 2 of the Fire and Rescue Service Regulation 2011.

Where a property owner disagrees with the charge included on the rate notice (whether that be due to the amount or the Levy Category the property was assigned to), they have the right to appeal to the Commissioner of the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service.

Prior to an appeal being lodged with the Commissioner of the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service, the property owner is required to contact the local council and have them:

  • consider the circumstances of the case that the property owner advises
  • correct any identified error

Where the Property Owner is dissatisfied with the outcome of council's review, they may lodge an appeal.

Please note that the appeal must be lodged to the Commissioner of the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service within thirty days from the issue date of the rate notice.

Please refer to council's Emergency Management Levy Objection form.

Phone: 13 QGOV (13 74 68)