Container Refund Scheme

The Queensland Government has introduced a state-wide container refund scheme called ‘Containers for Change.’

The scheme has been introduced to reduce the amount of beverage containers that litter our environment and to improve recycling rates in Queensland.

This scheme will provide an incentive for people to collect and return eligible containers for recycling in exchange for a refund.

> Who is introducing the scheme?

The Queensland Government is introducing the container refund scheme. Further background information can be found on the Queensland Government website at:

> Who is running the scheme?

The Queensland Government has appointed Container Exchange (CoEx) to develop and run the scheme. For further information visit

> When does the scheme commence?

The Queensland Container Refund Scheme will start on the 1 November 2018

> How does the scheme work and which containers are eligible?

To discover how the scheme works and which containers are eligible visit: ‘Containers for Change’ website at:

> How much is the refund?

The ‘Containers for Change’ scheme gives people a 10-cent refund for each eligible container when returned to a container refund point.

> Where are the container refund points in Mackay?

There will be 17 container refund points in Mackay. For the full list visit:

> What are the benefits of the scheme for Mackay?

The scheme will remove litter from our environment and provide benefits to our community including fundraising opportunities and improving recycling rates.

> How can community and charity groups take part?

Visit the Queensland Government website for details at:

> Can I still use my recycling bin?

Residents are encouraged to place eligible containers into their yellow-lidded recycling bin if they do not wish to seek a refund.

Download a factsheet here.