Business waste and recycling

Recycling in the workplace

Recycling is one of the easiest and most effective ways of reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill. Recyclable waste is a valuable resource. Recycling in the workplace is not only good for the environment but also makes good business sense.

Choose the right recycling collection

By knowing how much waste material your business produces over time will help identify the most suitable commercial waste and recycling collection services to employ. Once determined and in place, council's Waste Services Education Officer can assist staff with recycling in the workplace by providing recycling education if required. Contact council on 1300 622 526 to book an education session.

Waste providers

There are a number of commercial waste providers in the Mackay region that can supply a wide range of bin options to meet business needs. For further information regarding waste providers refer to local directories.

Waste Levy

The Queensland Government’s Waste Levy was introduction on July 1, 2019.

The aim of the levy is to reduce the amount of waste generated, divert waste streams from landfill and grow the resource recovery and recycling industry.

For business owners and operators, the cost of disposing of waste to landfill has increased. The levy of $75 per tonne (ex GST) is an additional cost on top of the Mackay Regional Council gate fee.

The only way that businesses can minimise the impact of the levy, is to reduce how much waste they generate and increase the amount of recycling or repurposing of items.

Mackay Regional Council is encouraging local businesses to investigate how they can best identify their waste streams. Some simple steps include:

Introducing separate bins for general waste and recycling and place them throughout the business

Educate staff on why waste minimisation practices are being implemented and the cost benefits to the business

Consider if items can be reused and donate them to a charity

Conduct a waste audit. Environmental consultants can do this for you, or you can download free waste audit tools online.

Regularly visit Planet Ark Business recycling and ecoBiz that have important information to help you reduce your waste.

For waste items that are difficult to recycle, consider visiting companies such as TerraCycle for example.

Regularly visit Planet Ark Business recycling and ecoBiz that have important information to help you reduce your waste.

Register your interest to have council’s Waste Services Education Officer meet with you to provide recycling education if required.


More information on the introduction of the Queensland Government’s Waste Levy, is available here.

ecoBiz program

ecoBiz is a free program offered by the Queensland Government in partnership with the CCIQ. This program is aimed at businesses looking to improve their environmental practices. The program provides free online training for the use of the tools that are provided.  Information for the program is found at:

Business recycling services

Mackay Regional Council encourages workplaces in the recycling business to register their details with Planet Ark Business Recycling  at –
This comprehensive free online database provides a list of business recycling collection and support services.