Rural Transfer Stations

Mackay region has a number of fully supervised Rural Transfer Stations as listed below. Mackay Regional Council Waste Services staff oversees the management of Rural Transfer Station's. The operation of the sites is by contractors.

No commercial loads are accepted at any of the Rural Transfer Stations. All commercial loads must be taken to Paget Waste Management Centre.

Domestic waste is accepted at all Rural Transfer Stations including; general waste, recyclables, green waste (except for Koumala), car batteries and used oils up to 20 litres.

Rural Transfer Stations Address Opening times
Bloomsbury Rural Transfer Station Bloomsbury Back Road,
Open 7am to 11:30am
Thursday to Sunday
Eungella Rural Transfer Station Bee Creek Road,
Open 10am to 2pm
Saturday to Monday
Gargett Rural Transfer Station Dump Road,
Open 10am to 5pm
Saturday to Tuesday
Hay Point Rural Transfer Station Cedar Street,
Hay Point
Open 10am – 3pm
Thursday to Sunday
Kolijo Rural Transfer Station Kolijo Mt Pelion Road,
Open 12.30pm to 5pm
Wednesday to Sunday
Koumala Rural Transfer Station Bolingbroke Road,
Open 11am to 3pm
Saturday and Sunday
Otterburn Rural Transfer Station Brand Road,
Open 8am to 4pm
Wednesday to Sunday
Sarina Rural Transfer Station Brooks Road,
Open 10am to 5pm
Saturday to Wednesday
Seaforth Rural Transfer Station Yakapari-Seaforth Road,
Open 7am to 5pm
Thursday to Sunday