MECC takes hard line on ticket fraud

The MECC is taking a hard line on scalpers and fraudsters.

Manager of MECC and events Andrew Bobeldyk said the MECC was now in a position to seize or cancel tickets that were being resold above the original face value price.

“We have also placed a ban on all online international credit card transactions to stop international companies from buying bulk tickets for fraudulent resale,” Mr Bobeldyk said.

Mr Bobeldyk said the “no tolerance” policy had come into effect in response to patrons being blatantly ripped off when buying online tickets for the recent Jimmy Barnes concert via ticket resale marketplace Viagogo.

“We had a number of patrons call the box office to report they had paid hundreds of dollars for their tickets,” he said.

“We strongly advise you always purchase tickets to any event through the official vendor, which for the MECC is

“As a well-known and popular entertainment venue, we hate to see patron’s disappointment when they realise their ticket was purchased from an unauthorised sales channel and is invalid.

“Unauthorised sales channels include Viagogo, eBay and Gumtree. We are trying to put as many regulations and guides in place to prevent this, so patrons can enjoy the performance they have so long been looking forward to.

“It is a high priority for our staff and we are aiming to educate patrons to ensure a safe environment is provided when purchasing tickets online.

“We have implemented updated terms and conditions to put regulations around scalping and ticket resales.

“Our website provides our patrons with information about best practice and guidelines around how to make sure they are buying tickets safely online.”

The MECC advises to follow these steps before and when a purchase is made:

* Find out who the authorised ticket seller is – generally, for events at the MECC this is

* When you google for tickets, ensure the ticket seller who has come up first in your search result is the authorised ticket seller.

* Sign up to the MECC’s mailing list and Facebook channel to receive firsthand information about upcoming events.

* Create an online account with the MECC to ensure when tickets go on sale, you are ready to go.

* Check where your seats are and for other special conditions before you buy your ticket.

* Read the terms and conditions so you know your rights and are informed about refunds and cancellations.

All tickets at the MECC are sold in accordance with the LPA Ticketing Code of Practice.

For further information, contact:

Nele Hahne
Marketing & Sales Assistant

Mackay Entertainment and Convention Centre
Phone: 07 4961 9752