DBCT Kids' Theatre Season: JUST LIVE ON STAGE

DBCT Kids' Theatre Season: JUST LIVE ON STAGE

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Three Performances!

Tuesday 1 August -  6pm
Wednesday 2 August - 9.30am & 12pm

JUST (tricking, annoying, stupid, crazy, disgusting, shocking, doomed) LIVE ON STAGE!

Adapted from the JUST book series written by Andy Griffiths and illustrated by Terry Denton
Written by Robin Goldsworthy

Every year Andy’s school holds a short story competition and every year Andy writes an awesome, amazing, captivating, TERRIFYING story. But every year Andy is robbed of winning, thwarted by some dumb story about kittens and sunshine. How is that possible?!

Because Mr Rowe is against him - the game is rigged! Mr Rowe wouldn’t know a good story if it jumped off the page and bit him on the bum. What kind of person doesn’t like action and monsters and explosions and aliens and all the things a story needs to keep it from being a BORING SNOOZE FEST!? Like the kind of story Tanya Shepherd writes. Blurgh...

Who cares that technically Andy's been banned from entering the competition after last year’s ... incident. There wasn’t that much vomit and the two kids taken to hospital were totally fine! Well, mostly fine.

Anyway, that’s all in the past. This year Andy knows that the prize is within his grasp. All he has to do is write the most INCREDIBLE story the world has ever read! Easy!

With the help of his best friend Danny, the love of his life Lisa (but if you tell anyone he said that, he’ll feed you to a giant slug!), his somewhat trusty dog Sooty and a lifetime of crazy, shocking, doomed, stupid and just plain DISGUSTING experiences, Andy sets out on a night that will ensure a flawless victory. As long as his brussels sprouts farts don’t poison them all before morning!

JUST tricking, annoying, stupid, crazy, disgusting, shocking, doomed LIVE ON STAGE! takes on the wonderful world of the JUST books by Andy Griffiths, vividly and hilariously bringing them to life on the stage with everything from invisibility pills and Mudmen, to vomiting dogs and death defying balloon rides.

JUST tricking, annoying, stupid, crazy, disgusting, shocking, doomed LIVE ON STAGE! Definitely not for the faint farted...I mean hearted!

“Most kids my age (I’m 10 by the way) are very familiar with Andy Griffiths hilarious ‘Just’ series…Most of the kids in the audience were primary school age, and when I say that they loved it, I MEAN THEY LOVED IT!” “Parents, take your kids along ASAP. They’ll love you for it!” - Chloe Delle-Vedove, Theatre Now

“If you loved reading Andy Griffith’s “Just” books, you’ll love watching the antics of Andy and his friends onstage. Action, energy and creativity abound in this excellent adaptation. Loads of teaching opportunities. Just educational ... but above all, JUST GREAT FUN!” - Elaine Smith, Teacher/Educator

Age Recommendation: 5+ years

Show Duration: 50 minutes, no interval

Content Warnings:

  • Loud fart noises
  • Talking vegetables
  • A little bit of dog wee
  • A love story (gross)


Retail CafĂ© and Candy Bar - Join us 60 minutes prior to show and at interval (if applicable), we offer drinks, delicious food, and candy options.

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1 August, 2023 – 2 August, 2023
06:00 pm - 12:00 pm
MECC Auditorium
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$60 Family 4 (2A + 2C)

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