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Working in Mackay

The Mackay region has a diverse economy incorporating strong business activity across a broad range of industries. While known for agriculture, manufacturing, engineering and METS, other industries including tourism, hospitality, retail, health care and professional and support services are also well represented.

Emerging and growing industries in this region including, aquaculture, bioproducts, aerospace and education and training are also presenting new and exciting opportunities for job and career seekers in the region. Industries that will be prominent in the Mackay region in the foreseeable future include pumped hydro and green energy production and critical minerals research and processing.

Use the link below to explore the Mackay Region Jobs page, a dedicated resource for you to explore current vacant positions in the Mackay region. If you need to upgrade your skills or qualifications, use the link to check the skills and training opportunities that are available to help you secure that dream job.