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A plan for future placemaking activities

Place Plan

A plan for future placemaking activities has been drafted to align with the Mackay City and Waterfront activation objectives.  The objectives of the plan are to:

  • Give people the opportunity to shape the future of the Mackay City Centre and along the Pioneer River
  • Define the vision for where we want to be and a set of actions for how we can achieve it
  • Identify priorities for quick wins and long-term outcomes
  • Identify the potential community partners who want to create a positive legacy for Mackay through placemaking

To enable success of the plan, four important aspects have been considered including place, people, program, and process.  To set the scene for an action plan, key place themes have also been identified. The Place themes consist of:

Picture Perfect: picture perfect is about creating moments of delight and surprise. We want people to share these memorable moments with their family and friends, highlighting Mackay as a destination to be enjoyed.

Creativity, Culture and Innovation: Placemaking encourages new ideas and approaches to creating places where people want to be. Creativity and culture are the heart and soul of our cities and towns- they are what make each place unique and contribute to the economic vitality, as well as the everyday and visitor experience of places.

Celebrating Local: Celebrating what is unique about Mackay and promoting our local successes. Locally implemented placemaking builds on the strengths, resources and assets within the community and brings the community together, keeps money local and supports thriving local business communities and economies.

Lively Spaces: Lively spaces encourage greater use of existing public spaces and creating new lively places. New opportunities to meet and connect locally at different times of the day and night create an active and vibrant community and local economy.

Nuts and Bolts: The nuts and bold is the most important make-or- break aspect of placemaking and notably, the hardest to achieve. Unnecessary red-tape and difficult processes need to be reviewed and improved for the community to empower them to become pacemakers, partnered with providing financial assistance and guidance. It should not be difficult to action good ideas.

An action plan for collaboration between Council, local businesses, community organisations and key stakeholders is a major element of the Place Plan.  If you’re a passionate ‘doer’ looking to make your mark on the Mackay Waterfront, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to get involved.

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