Composting & worm farms

Compost and worm farmCompost bins and worm farms are two great ways to recycle your fruit and vegetable scraps at home and turn organic material into rich nutrients for the garden.

Composting and worm farming at home is simple, and good for the environment by reducing the amount of organic waste that goes to land fill and creating a more natural and healthier place to live.

Worm farms produce great natural fertiliser for your garden, take up very little space and are easy to use.

Online training

reducelandfilllogoMackay Regional Council has joined the Reduce Landfill Program.

This program allows residents of Mackay to take part in free interactive online training and book into free workshops held at the Community Gardens in Mackay.

Please note: Mackay Regional Council does not give away free worm farms or subsidise the purchase of worm farms.

Visit to view worm farming and composting tutorials

Sign up for a free composting and worm farming workshop listed below


Mackay Regional Council hold three composting and worm farming workshops each year at Mackay Community Gardens, Streeter Avenue, West Mackay. These workshops highlight the benefits of composting and assist householders with setting up a successful compost or worm farming system at home.

By turning food scraps and organic garden waste into compost you can:

  • Improve soil quality in the home garden
  • Create valuable nutrients that can reduce the need to use artificial fertilisers
  • Prevent greenhouse gas emissions by reducing organic waste going to landfill
  • Improve water savings
  • Save money

Roll up your sleeves and join in the fun at a FREE Mackay Regional Council sponsored workshop. Register your interest to attend the next workshop listed below and our Environmental Education Officer will contact you to confirm attendance at the workshop date.