Trade waste

Trade waste is any liquid, and any substances contained in it, produced by an industrial or commercial activity at a business premises. It may include any waste that is transported from the point of generation.

Only liquid waste that conforms to council's set limits will be accepted for discharge to sewer.  These limits are imposed because waste from many businesses and industries may contain materials that are potentially harmful to sewerage workers, the sewerage system and the environment.

Trade waste must not be discharged into council's sewer, unless the owner of the premises from which trade waste is discharged has been granted a trade waste approval.

Download the Trade Waste Fact Sheet and brochure for more information.

To apply for an approval to discharge trade waste to the sewer, submit the following to council's Customer Service Centre:

  • A completed Application to Discharge Trade Waste to Sewer signed by the owner/authorised agent and the generator
  • Adopted trade waste application fee
  • As constructed hydraulic plumbing and drainage plans
  • Material Safety Data Sheets for all chemicals and raw products used and stored on the premises
  • Any other relevant information
All trade waste generators are required to install and maintain suitable meters (as approved by council) to all trade waste areas to ensure the accurate measurement of trade waste discharge to sewer. These meters must also be fitted with a council approved Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) device. Approved meters and AMR devices may be purchased through council.

Owners and authorised agents should also refer to the Trade Waste Management Plan and Trade Waste Policy for further information.

For more information contact Mackay Regional Council.

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