Supplier information

The terms of business govern the purchase of goods and/or services by council.

These are the terms of business referred to in council’s purchase orders and apply to any contract entered into by council and a supplier, unless other terms and conditions are specifically agreed at time of contract award. By accepting to supply the items described in a council purchase order, suppliers agree to be bound by and accept these terms and conditions.

Council’s goods and services providers should view the Terms of Business document to ensure compliance with council’s payment terms, insurance, workplace health and safety and pricing requirements.

Supplier guide

This suppliers guide is intended as an information resource to assist suppliers and contractors who wish to supply goods and/or services to council. It provides frequently asked questions and cover basic information surrounding the following key topics;

  • About Mackay
  • Mackay Regional Council organisation structure
  • Mackay Regional Council procurement policy
  • Workplace health and safety information
  • Supply requirements
  • Key contacts

Council is also committed to ensuring all its policies, procedures and practices relating to procurement are consistent with best practice and conform to the highest standard of ethical conduct.

Supplier forums

Mackay Regional Council holds an annual “Doing Business with council” forum.



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