Ride Mackay

Whether you walk, run, wheel or ride Mackay, active travel can be a great way to explore our beautiful region – or simply get from A to B.

With our flat landscape, beautiful environment and 300+ days of glorious sunshine, the Mackay region makes leaving the car at home an appealing option.

Plus, using active travel is a great way to discover parts of the region not accessible by road. Add in the fitness, mood-boosting and mental wellbeing benefits – and that is saves you money and reduces your impact on the environment – and there has never been a better time to Ride Mackay.

To make active travel easier and more enjoyable for you, Mackay Regional Council has created this exciting platform complete with established Rides of the Region, FAQs and some information on how to stay safe and respectful while on shared paths.

Proudly supported by the Queensland Government Bike Riding Encouragement Program Community Grants Scheme.

Ride Guide