Jubilee Community Exhibition Space

Located in the foyer of the Jubilee Community Centre, Civic Precinct, Gordon Street, the Jubilee Community Exhibition Space offers exhibition and display opportunities to local artists, art collectives and community groups.

Exhibitions and displays change every fortnight so you can visit regularly and find new and interesting things to see and do.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday, 8.30am - 4.30pm.

The exhibition space is available afterhours should the artist hiring the space wish to extend the exhibition opening hours.

What's available

  • Total wall space of 15.64m x 2.36m made up of the following sections:
Foyer walls

Wall 1: 1650mm (L) x 2230mm (H)
Wall 2: 4940mm (L) x 2230mm (H)
Foyer walls

Wall 3: 2260mm (L) x 2230mm (H)
Wall 4: 2470mm (L) x 2230mm (H)
Wall 5: 4480mm (L) x 2230mm (H)
  • Wooden perspex gallery frames (x 24), dimensions 400mm x 500mm
  • Access to storage room as well as tools and materials to help set up the space
  • Display showcases (x 3), plinths (x 5) and large fixed digital screens
  • Space hire for a duration of two weeks

Jubilee Community Exhibition Space Application Form

Please refer to the Jubilee Community Exhibition Space Guidelines and Terms and Conditions of Hire information when completing this form.

i.e. what the exhibition/display will be about (key themes etc.), what the exhibition/display will look like (number of framed works, number of free-standing works, artwork medium/s etc.), who is involved etc.

Please nominate 2 preferences for exhibition/display months (i.e. number in order of preference). Note: If your proposal is approved, you will be notified of available exhibition dates, including dates for installation and demount.
Do you need assistance to hang your exhibition?
Will you be holding an opening night or launch?
Do you want your display available to public on weekends?

*Please note that there will be no staff available for assistance at Jubilee Community Centre on weekends and you will be responsible for opening/closing the foyer exhibition space and supervision of display during this time.
Please specify which MRC supplied equipment you would like to use for your display
Do you currently hold public liability insurance to the value of $20,000,000 and/or will be covered for the planned dates of this exhibition proposal.
If no, you will have to commence cover by the booked exhibition dates or organise short term cover for the duration of the exhibition.

Please note if the dates of the certificate of currency you are uploading do not cover your booked exhibition dates you will be asked to supply an updated certificate of currency prior to your exhibition being installed.
Are you an individual and/or small arts/cultural/heritage group who are not incorporated, do not have an ABN and would be considered “non-commercial” (I.E. will not have any works for sale) and believe you may be eligible for cover under Mackay Regional Council's Casual Hirers Policy?
Do you hereby acknowledge having read and understood the conditions of hire and terms & conditions, and agree to be bound by and comply with all these conditions