Boat ramps

Boat ramp facilities are provided in many locations within our region, including

  • Armstrong Beach
  • Bucasia Beach
  • Campwin Beach
  • Cape Hillsborough
  • Constant Creek, Seaforth
  • Dunnrock
  • Eimeo (Sunset Boulevard)
  • Eimeo Creek at Bucasia
  • Eungella Dam (
  • Freshwater Point
  • Grasstree Beach
  • Haliday Bay
  • Hay Point (NQBP)
  • Kinchant Dam (
  • Mackay (River Street)
  • Mackay Marina (Small Craft Boat Ramp)
  • McCready Creek
  • Midge Point (Neilsen Parade)
  • Midge Point (Jimmy Rocks Rd)
  • Murray Creek, Mt Pelion
  • Pioneer River, John Cook Bridge (Canoe Club/Rowing Club)
  • Rocky Dam Creek, Koumala
  • Sarina Beach, Perpetual Point
  • Shoal Point Beach
  • Slade Point (Seagull Street)
  • St Helens Beach
  • Teemburra Dam (
  • Victor Creek, Seaforth

People must not drive onto a boat ramp unless launching or retrieving their boat.

All rubbish must be deposited in nearby bins, with the exception of fish offal, which should be deposited in bins away from the boat ramp to discourage scavenging by animals and unpleasant odours.