Culture and values

Councillors and staff of Mackay Regional Council are committed to working as one team to achieve for our clients and community.

The following values are a shared understanding of what we stand for as an organisation and are applied by all employees across our region. They describe the things we are not willing to compromise on in any situation - with our clients, the community and each other.

Employee Health and Safety

We are committed to being safe at work and to go home safe to our families at night.

Client Satisfaction

Where our clients want to do business with us not because they have to.


Communication is high, with people sharing achievements as well as areas that need improvement.


There is commitment to making the business better by working across groups.


We all demonstrate strong accountability, doing what we say we will do.

We believe that working together we can achieve more, in taking personal responsibility, that people are inherently trustworthy, that others perspective is as important as my own and that we are here for the client.

Our passion is results through people and teams.

Our goal is that our employees and others describe us as an organisation where people take personal responsibility, there is clarity, people are open with each other, teamwork is effective across the business and we are considered by our clients and community to add value.

Code of conduct

The code of conduct prescribes the appropriate behaviour for all officers and employees of Mackay Regional Council.