Good Access = Good Business

This Good Access = Good Business guide has been developed primarily for local businesses and service providers.

It will help you to increase your knowledge and understanding of what good access is, why it is important, what your legal responsibilities are as a business and how you can make your business more accessible for people with disabilities.

Small changes can be made to your business that will improve accessibility, which can attract and include new customers who have a disability.

Many of these ideas are easy to put into practice, however, some will need professional advice so they are done according to the regulations.

The below checklist will assist you in identifying any accessibility issues at your business. By identifying areas where a small change, with minimal or no expense, can make a big difference to all customers, you can increase your customer base.

Accessible Communities Action Plan

Mackay Regional Council has developed an Accessible Communities Action Plan. The council has a strong legacy in advocating for people with a disability and in disability planning, programs and services.

Focusing on ‘accessibility’ for the whole community, the scope of the plan encompasses not only people with permanent or temporary disabilities but also people with mobility and accessibility concerns; such as older persons and parents with prams. Taking on this wider view of accessibility will ensure that we plan for the whole community, however, the specific needs of people with disabilities will remain a core focus of the plan.

To support the implementation of the Accessible Communities Action Plan, Community Programs facilitates an Access & Inclusion Reference Group.  If you would like to join the reference group contact our Community Development Officer (Disability portfolio) at or 4961 9536.

Community Programs team facilitates a Disability Service Provider Network meeting, held every second month at the Jubilee Community Centre or Gordon White Library.  For further information about the Disability Service Provider Network meeting, contact our Community Development Officer (Disability Portfolio) at or 4961 9536.