Platypus Beach

Mackay Regional Council has commenced monitoring the water quality at three (3) sites at Platypus Beach, Mirani.

Monitoring results provide an indication of the risks to human health due to microbial contamination.

If you enjoy activities at Platypus Beach, you need to be aware of possible water quality issues.

Council suggests you check the latest water quality monitoring results to stay informed and take heed of council’s advisory signs. Sometimes certain activities may not be recommended as they could pose a health risk.

Check the latest water quality monitoring results

Water quality indicators

Water quality indicators

How do I know if it is safe to enter?

It is not possible to know what the levels of contaminants are in a waterway at all times, and the results from the monitoring are only indicative of the levels of bacteria present at the time the sample was taken. These results can vary on a daily basis. If you use the waterway, you should always exercise caution.

As a general rule do not enter waters during or up to three (3) days after heavy rainfall.

What type of diseases might I get if I undertake activities in water with microbial contamination?

There is an increased risk of infection if people who have a low immunity such as children, the sick and the elderly, come into direct contact with contaminated water. Symptoms may include diarrhoea, abdominal pain, cramps, fever and respiratory infections. Wound infections, dermatitis, conjunctivitis and ear, nose and throat infections may also occur.

If you experience these symptoms after having primary contact with contaminated waters, you are encouraged to:

  • Contact Queensland Health Helpline on 13 HEALTH or 13 43 25 84
  • Visit a doctor for medical advice

What activities should I avoid if monitoring results show a high reading?

Typically, primary contact activities should be avoided, including swimming, diving, jet skiing and water skiing.

Under some circumstances when bacterial levels are extremely high, secondary contact activities should also be avoided, such as rowing, wading, boating and fishing.