Creative Recovery

2018 Bushfires Creative Recovery Projects

The bushfires of November - December 2018 were the first ever declared bushfire disaster in the Mackay region.

Unprecedented heatwave conditions led to catastrophic fires in areas no one thought possible – the rainforest. Communities such as Finch Hatton, Eungella and surrounds were seriously threatened and residents experienced grief at the loss of 63,194 hectares of the bordering Eungella National Park.

This webpage showcases the processes completed and works created by professional artists and local residents of all ages and abilities as part of two major community-led arts projects.

The benefits of the arts in facilitating recovery from disaster can include providing creative outlets for people to express their thoughts and emotions about an event and building connections.

Here, they share their loss as well as celebrate the strength of communities that came together to save their homes, livelihoods and the environment.

Creative Recovery exhibition photo gallery

Creative Recovery Exhibition

Eungella film

Eungella's Range Ablaze

My Resilient Community Finch Hatton