Current tenders

Council utilises the Queensland Government QTenders website, an online tendering resource, to promote and publish all its tenders and to provide a secure platform to receive responses from respondents.

Council tenders currently available for offers are:

MRC2024041 Jolimont Creek Fishway

Mackay Regional Council is requesting submissions for the construction of a culvert/rock ramp fishway at Jolimont Creek, Kuttabul.

Upstream of the barrier is an extensive stream network that contains a multitude of instream and off stream aquatic habitats. Currently, fish and other aquatic fauna are being impacted by limitations to migration because of the existing weir and causeway configuration.

This project is jointly funded by the Australian Government under the Reef Guardian Councils Program – Activating Local Councils Reef Action Plans, and Mackay Regional Council.

9:00am  Thursday 14 March 2024

Meet at Palm Tree Creek rest stop  before moving to location.
09 April 2024
MRC2024043 Petrie Street Culvert

This project is for works at Petrie Street Main Drain in East Mackay:

  • replacement of the floodgates at the Petrie Street culvert crossing;
  • installation of a new trash rack and maintenance ramp in the southeast main drain upstream; and
  • various civil Works as per the project specific Drawings.

Petrie Street is located in East Mackay and connects Far Beach to the Mackay urban area and is a Minor Collector under Mackay Regional Council (Council) Road Hierarchy Strategy.

N/A 10.00am
16 April 2024
MRC2024047 Kanes Road Culvert Replacement This project is for the construction of a temporary side track and replacement of a major culvert within the Mackay Regional Council area.  This major culvert asset is located on Kanes Road in Owens Creek and forms part of the only road access into the area which services seven properties. This asset is in an unrated stream and continues downstream to Owens Creek. N/A 10.00am
30 April 2024

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Tender guidelines and checklist

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