How to prepare for an evacuation

Many threats to the Mackay region may require a partial or total relocation of the population.

Follow the below steps when preparing for evacuation.

  • Know your local risks (cyclones, floods, storm surges, fires, etc).
  • Consult the storm tide inundation maps.
  • Find out what inundation area/s your residence is in.
  • Talk to neighbours and find out what events have occurred in the past.
  • Find friends and relatives outside the inundation area and reconfirm arrangements.
  • Regularly update your Emergency Kit.
  • Familiarise yourself with the route you should take.
  • Prepare an Evacuation Kit (including treasured family memorabilia, such as photos, passports, licences, important documents, etc).

Evacuation checklist

When told to evacuate, or if you decide to evacuate prior to being asked, follow the evacuation checklist.

Should you stay or evacuate?

Should you stay or evacuate flow chart

Public cyclone shelter

Please note that Mackay Regional Council does have one public cyclone shelter located at the Northern Beaches High School available for use during a Category 3 cyclone or above. Space is very limited and conditions of entry will apply.

Most residents should be seeking alternate accommodation, as the shelter is a last resort for those most vulnerable.