Person-Centred Emergency Preparedness (P-CEP)

Person-Centred Emergency Preparedness is a process for people with disability to create a plan for their needs in emergencies.

P-CEP can also help people who are ageing at home, have a mental illness, a chronic health concern, and other support needs. P-CEP was co-designed by people with disability, carers, community organisations, emergency services, and researchers. This work is led by Associate Professor Michelle Villeneuve from The University of Sydney.

Mackay Regional Council is pleased to partner with Michelle and The University of Sydney to bring P-CEP to the Mackay region and continue this research.


A timeline towards a Person-Centred Emergency Preparedness approach

The Mackay region has introduced Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction practices to ensure people with disability, and other high-risk groups such as seniors, have the capability and access to the resources they need to plan for their needs in emergencies.

This ongoing work is moving us from a history of emergency planning being done for people with disability, towards emergency planning by people with disability.

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