Plumbing approvals

Plumbing department

Mackay Regional Council undertakes assessments of plumbing and drainage applications and plumbing and drainage installation inspections in accordance with the State Government Regulations and Plumbing and Drainage Act 2018. Note: The plumbing and drainage referred to above is generally within the boundaries of the owners property.

The installation of water services to properties and any work involving council owned sewerage and water infrastructure will also require assessment/approval from other council departments.  For further information on these requirements, contact council's Client Service Centre on 1300 622 529.

Copies of constructed plans and information on private house drainage and council owned water and sewerage infrastructure may also be available for purchase from Client Services.

Plumbing and drainage applications

The following documents have been prepared to assist applicants during the plumbing and drainage application process.

The documents do not replace the provisions of Council's Planning Schemes and Policies, or State Legislations and Standards and should not be used without reference to these documents.

Plumbing and Drainage application guides

Designed to assist the applicant in lodging a successful plumbing and drainage application.

Plumbing and Drainage application forms

Documentation to be submitted with plumbing and drainage applications, as outlined in the above application guides.

Plumbing and drainage application online lodgement portal

Submit plumbing and drainage applications via eApplications (Online Services).

Plumbing and drainage sample plans

Notifiable Work

Notifiable work extends the amount of work a plumber or drainer can perform without Local Government approval or mandatory inspections and is defined in the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2018.For further information concerning notifiable work please access the Queensland Building and Construction Commission website (QBCC).

What is the process for completing notifiable work?

When a plumber or drainer performs notifiable work, they must submit a Form 4 - Notifiable work to QBCC. Forms can be submitted either electronically or manually.

Once the licensee lodges the Form 4 electronically, they must send the property owner a copy, either electronically or manually (hard copy). The Form 4 will include details of where and when the work was performed and the type of work performed.

You can check if your form has been lodged with QBCC.

Will the work be checked?

To ensure that plumbing and drainage work continues to be performed to a high standard, both QBCC and local governments will audit notifiable work.

Your local government may contact you to arrange an inspection of the work. If you are concerned about the work that has been performed on your property, contact Mackay Regional Council on 1300 622 529 to arrange an inspection.

Alternatively, you may lodge a complaint with QBCC if you believe the work is non-compliant or defective. QBCC appoints investigators to look into complaints regarding work that is non-compliant, defective or has been performed by a person without an appropriate licence. There are a range of penalties that may apply in these instances.

Checklist for consumers

  • Does your plumber or drainer have a valid QBCC licence? To check if your plumber or drainer is licensed, call QBCC on 139 333 or visit
  • Has the Form 4 been lodged with QBCC?
  • Has the plumber or drainer given you a copy of the Form 4?
  • Have you checked with your plumber whether the proposed work can be performed under the Notifiable Work system? Note: Work that involves changes to onsite treatment facilities, combine drains, greywater facilities, trade waste, or areas with dual reticulated water supply, are compliance assessable work and will require a local government permit.

For more information on notifiable work?

Call the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) on 139 333 or visit Alternatively you can contact Mackay Regional Council on 1300 MACKAY (622 529).

Relevant Australian Standards

AS/NZS 3500 and 1547 may be purchased through SAI Global

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