Dog Off-Leash Areas

These designed dog off-leash areas across the region are beneficial for the health and wellbeing of dogs, but along with the benefits come responsibilities to our pets and the community. It is important to remember these are the only areas where a dog can roam free under an owners control. It is illegal to have dogs off-leash in any other areas.

Off-leash dog parks

Bucasia Beach
Williams Ave to Symons Ave
(5am-8am & 5pm-8pm everyday) View map

Camilleri Street Park
Eimeo (West section)
(24 hours per day) View map

Northern Far Beach
Evans Street to Bridge Road
(5am-8am & 5pm-8pm everyday) View map

Police Dog Tunza Dog Park
Willis Street, Gooseponds
Opposite North Mackay State Primary School

Queens Park
Goldsmith Street, East Mackay

Sarina Dog Park
Apex Park, Sarina
Sichter Street

Southern End of Campwin Beach
(5am-8am & 5pm-8pm everyday) View map

Conditions for using off leash areas

Off leash areas are not for the exclusive use of dogs and their owners. They are for the enjoyment of all, so please be considerate of people who may be sharing the area with you and your dog or using the area after you leave.

Here are a few simple steps to make your visit to an off leash area a pleasant one for everyone:

  • Biting, fighting and aggressive dogs are not welcome
  • Excessive barking is not allowed
  • Keep pets under effective control at all times
  • Pets should have current vaccinations
  • Always clean up after your pet – Scoop the poop
  • Don't bring more dogs than you can handle
  • Fill any holes your dog digs
  • Always be considerate of other users
  • Dogs must be registered.

Effective control

Your dog must be under your effective control for the entire time it is off leash. Effective control means your dog responds to your command and remains close to you.


All dogs must be registered with council. All declared dangerous dogs need to be muzzled in public and under the effective control of one person.

Scoop the poop

Some of the off leash areas provide dispensers with dog litter bags. However, you should not rely on their availability. Please make sure you always have equipment with you to pick up and dispose of your dog's droppings. On the spot fines apply if you fail to remove your dog's droppings in a public place.

The dog off leash area is the signed part of the park, reserve, foreshore or beach where dogs may be exercised off leash but under effective control.