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Is your school taking part?

Explore the realm of safety and community with National Ride to School Day, National Road Safety Week, National Walk Safely to School Day, National Ride 2 Work Day, and Day for Daniel. These initiatives advocate for road safety, healthier lifestyles, and child well-being. Whether it's biking to school, walking for wellness, or promoting child safety, these events emphasize collective action for a safer, healthier, and more connected society. Join the movement towards positive change, step by step, pedal by pedal.

What are the benefits of riding or walking to school?

It helps children get enough exercise
Ideally, everyone aged under 18 should have at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day; so riding or walking to school is a great way to help students get enough physical exercise.

It reduces pollution
If more children ride or walk to school, this reduces the number of cars on the road.

It may improve children’s concentration at school
Children who have travelled to school in an active way arrive more alert, so they’re more able to concentrate and retain information.

It helps children learn about road safety
Ride to School Day gives you the perfect opportunity to teach children how to stay safe while walking or riding.

It’s fun!
Riding, walking, scooting and skating are all great activities that children can enjoy with their friends and family helping them to build stronger social connections.

How can your school participate?

Ideas for an event may include;

  • Healthy Breakfast upon arrival
  • Organised Walk or Ride
  • Decorate your bike/scooter competition
  • Sports dress/ free dress day
  • Guest Speaker
  • Decorate a poster to promote
  • Bicycle/ scooter skills or maintenance

How can council assist?

Events such as these often involve teamwork this maybe a principal, sports coordinator, guidance councillor and/or parent and carer association.

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