Council goes yellow for road safety

Published: 03 May 2019

About 1200 people die and around 35,000 are injured on Australian roads each year.

With this in mind, council is throwing its support behind National Road Safety Week next week (May 6 to May 12).

National Road Safety Week remembers those who have lost their lives on the roads and asks residents to pledge to make the roads safer for everyone.

Cr Kevin Casey said council was lighting the Town Hall in Sydney Street yellow for the week (from Tuesday, May 7) to commemorate lives lost on our roads.

He said council staff would also observe a minute’s silence on Tuesday (May 7).

Cr Casey challenged residents to wear yellow, decorate their shop fronts or pin on a yellow ribbon for the week to help raise awareness.

“Traffic accidents touch all corners of our community,” he said.

“We all know someone who has been in a serious accident and many of us have lost people close to us.

“As an organisation, council has lost employees to road accidents in the past, and while we hope we never do again, we can’t be complacent.

“Our Civil Operations crews are on the road sides daily and they rely on motorists doing the right thing to keep them safe.

“The motto for the National Road Safety Week is ‘drive so others survive’ and it asks everyone to drive as if their loved ones are on the road ahead.

“Simple things, such as removing distractions like mobile phones, not speeding and not driving while tired or under the influence, reduce the risk of traffic accidents immensely.”

If you would like to know more about National Road Safety Week, or would like to take the pledge to ‘drive so others survive’, head to