Memorial Swim Centre future to meet community needs

Published: 11 Sep 2019

The community will play a key role in planning for the future of aging facilities at Mackay’s Memorial Swim Centre.

Council today formally recognised the Memorial Swimming Centre as a “valuable community asset” in its aquatic strategy.

It also recognised the importance of the Second World memorial aspect of the Memorial Swimming Centre site and will now take the next steps in planning for its future.

Those plans will involve the community, including relevant RSL sub-branches.

A community reference group consisting of relevant stakeholders will be established to help inform redevelopment plans.

Today’s meeting agreed the current aquatic facilities have a finite life and planning should be undertaken for their sympathetic redevelopment in keeping with community needs.

Council will also consider registration of the site on the local heritage register following the outcome of consultation on redevelopment within the site.

Contractor Belgravia’s current operating contract will be extended 12 months to October 2020, which will enable the impact of the Mackay ARC and other facilities on patronage to be assessed.

Mayor Greg Williamson said today’s resolution recognised the Memorial Swim Centre was an important part of the City Centre and would be an integral part of council’s aquatic strategy going forward.

“We also want to form a community committee that helps the redevelopment plans,’’ he said.

“The pool itself has a finite life, so we need to be planning for the future of that site.

“It remains as a Memorial Swim Centre and it remains as a tribute to the fallen, which is the way it was designed, built and funded right at the start.

“The community committee will look at what can happen with that area that can be complementary to the fact it is an aquatic facility.

“It is a liveable green area in our City Centre and we need to get more people using that site.”