Children rejoice – council saves Christmas

Published: 11 Dec 2020

Council has saved Christmas for the children in Mackay.

Well, in the annual Mayor’s Christmas video, which premiered on Facebook and YouTube today, that is.

Mayor Greg Williamson receives a visit from children – Emily and Sophia Zammit and Alexandra Carless – concerned that Santa won’t be able to deliver presents in Mackay due to coronavirus.

Council discusses the matter at a meeting and resolves to marshal its fleet of trucks and drivers, with the assistance of councillors, to deliver the presents.

In the meantime, Santa does receive a special international travel exemption and makes it to Mackay. But following two weeks in quarantine, he has a big problem, and council’s assistance is still needed.

Mayor Williamson, who plays himself and Santa, said it had been a lot of fun making the video.

“Our annual Christmas video has become a tradition in recent years,’’ he said.

“It is a great way to provide residents with a bit of a chuckle and highlight some of the achievements of council over the 12 months.

“In 2016, my first year back in office, we filmed the video at Bluewater Lagoon and the big bucket of water was tipped on me.

“In the 2017 video, I was featured doing many of the jobs at council, from mowing the civic precinct lawn to traffic control.

“In 2018, the Christmas video had council opening a Santa Training Academy. The video, which featured a cameo appearance from Graeme Connors, helped bring the rain that year.

“And in last year’s video Santa was searching for me after I went missing.”

Mayor Williamson said the Christmas video, including scripting, filming, editing and animations, was produced totally inhouse by council’s Corporate Communications and Marketing.

“In recent years, a bit of a rivalry has developed with Whitsunday Regional Council, which also releases a Christmas video,’’ he said.

“Both videos for 2020 are on the Whitsunday and Mackay council Facebook pages. We’ll let the public judge for themselves which one they like most.”

  • Mackay Regional Council’s 2020 Christmas video can be viewed on Facebook
  • It is also on council’s YouTube channel