Pioneer River’s new fishing pier complete 

Published: 26 Mar 2020

The Hospital Bridge fishing pier is now open to the public.

Council is asking anglers to use their rods and common sense to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Council CEO Craig Doyle said a rod length (1.5m-plus) was a good guide for social distancing and council would monitor numbers at the new facility.

“It is a fantastic, $1.7 million community asset that will stand the test of time,” Mr Doyle said.

“We built and designed this pier to stand up to natural disasters, however, we never anticipated a pandemic,” he said.

“With the current COVID-19 restrictions in place, we are asking anglers to abide by the one person per four square metres rule and to avoid the pier if they are unwell.

“We understand it’s going to be popular, but please avoid crowding.

“If social distancing isn’t being adhered to, we will have to explore what measures we can take to assure community safety.”

Brisbane company Casa Engineering delivered the project after the original timber pier was damaged beyond repair by Cyclone Debbie.

The ‘L’ shaped pier extends 15m into the river, turns 90 degrees and extends a further 11m downstream.

It has been specially designed to withstand debris impacts during major flooding events.

The pier is wheelchair accessible and includes seating and rod holders.