Plans adopted to guide future development at two key sites

Published: 09 Dec 2020

Plans adopted to guide future development at two key sites.

The Seaforth Esplanade Master Plan and Woodlands District Park Master Plan in Andergrove were both given the tick of approval by council at today’s ordinary meeting.

They will provide a guide for the long-term development of both parks as funding opportunities become available.

Mayor Greg Williamson said the 5.77-hectare site at Seaforth Esplanade had enormous potential.

“We want to transform the Seaforth Esplanade into a vibrant and exciting space where residents and visitors to the area can spend quality time with their family and friends,” he said.

“The swimming enclosure will be retained as a unique attraction for Seaforth and the plan recommends creating a new recreational hub by expanding and upgrading the existing picnic area and public amenities opposite the enclosure.

“A small contemporary-style water play feature is proposed to replace the aged wading pool.”

The master plan for Woodlands District Park will see the 21-hectare site split into three distinct precincts – Central Precinct, Lake Precinct and Woodlands Reserve Precinct.

“Each precinct will have its own unique feel,” Mayor Williamson said.

“The Lake Precinct will allow residents to take in the serenity around the existing water feature while also incorporating large open spaces and shared paths for exercise,” he said.

“The Central Precinct will serve as the focus for active recreation, with an inclusive district-level playground earmarked for this location, which will be similar in scale to the playgrounds at Northview Park and Queens Park.

“And the Woodlands Reserve Precinct will highlight the significant environmental value of the park’s remnant bushland.

“The new district park will meet the needs of residents in the Andergrove, Beaconsfield and growing Kerrisdale Estate community, with the area home to about 13 per cent of Mackay’s total population.”

Mayor Greg Williamson said significant public consultation was undertaken in the development of both master plans.

“Council worked closely with the Hibiscus Coast Progress and Sports Association on the development of the Seaforth Esplanade Master Plan and residents from the local areas and wider community were invited to leave their feedback and ideas for both projects,” he said.

“Community feedback was used to tailor the projects to meet the needs of residents both now and into the future.”

For more information on these projects visit the Connecting Mackay website