Wild dog sightings on the rise

Published: 20 Mar 2020

Reports of wild dog sightings have increased as mating season begins.

Council has received 10 customer service requests about wild dogs in the last two weeks, after receiving no reports for months.

Community and Client Services director Angela Hays encouraged residents to be vigilant to protect their pets.

“Mating season generally runs from March to May each year and mature dogs will be scouting for mates during this time,” she said.

“Young dogs will also be on the move to find a place to set up their own den, away from the one in which they were raised.”

Council is advising pet owners in rural and peri-urban areas, between the rural and urban areas of Mackay, to have a secure, fenced yard and bring domestic animals inside at night or put them in a kennel outside to keep them safe.

Ms Hays said enclosures for livestock should be sturdy and secure.

“Landholders should vary the times livestock are allowed to graze and forage as wild dogs will observe and wait for the ideal opportunity to attack,” she said.

“This also applies when allowing small domestic animals outside to explore.”

Council staff work closely with farmers to assist them in managing wild dogs and other pests.

Any landholders with questions or concerns regarding wild dogs can contact 1300 622 529 (MACKAY) and ask to speak to council’s Pest Management Officers.