Queens Park slides close for warranty repairs

Published: 14 Jul 2021

Council has been forced to close the skywalk play area in Queens Park in the interest of public safety.

Cracks recently developed in the large slide where it meets the tallest tower structure, forcing the closure of this slide.

Unfortunately, a second slide in the structure has now developed an identical fault.

With two slides compromised, and in the interests of public safety, council have made the decision to close and fence off the entire skywalk structure until repairs can be made.

Council has been in contact with the manufacturer and is arranging repairs and modifications under warranty to ensure the longevity of the structure.

However, due to the specialty nature of the supplier and works required, the facility may be facing an extended closure.

Council appreciates your patience and will work to have this iconic playground repaired and reopened as soon as possible.

Council’s park crews regularly undertake play equipment inspections to ensure equipment is safe or that repairs are identified and addressed as required.