Works accelerated on Midge Point Water Network

Published: 29 Jan 2021

Mackay Regional Council is prioritising works to address ongoing dirty water issues in the Midge Point Water Supply System.

Council is aware that residents have had issues with dirty water since mid-October.

The ongoing dirty water event is a result of several factors but is primarily caused by high quantities of iron and manganese in the raw water source which cause discolouration.

The water supplied to Midge Point continues to comply with health limits of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines however council acknowledges that the appearance and amenity of the water does not meet customer expectations.

As a result of this council is accelerating capital works to improve the quality and amenity of the water supply with upgrades to the water treatment facility and the construction of a return pipeline from the Midge Point Reservoir to prevent short-circuiting of the system.

These works will help improve the removal of iron and manganese from the water and will isolate the township from the trunk infrastructure.

Crews are also completing ongoing scouring and flushing of the reticulation network and will be completing full scouring of the 32km trunk pipeline from Kelsey Creek to the Midge Point Reservoir.

Council will send written correspondence to all customers in the Midge Point area in the coming weeks to provide further information on the works to be completed.

Council understands the frustration the ongoing dirty water event has caused and encourages customers to continue to contact us to report dirty water.