e-Petitions to council now available on website

Published: 26 Apr 2023

Anyone wanting to petition council is now able to do so via a new e-Petition platform.

The principal petitioner will be able to start the petition on council’s website and then promote its availability to sign in the community.

The topic of the petition should be something within council’s jurisdiction to change and they can remain open from one to four weeks.

The name and suburb of the principal petitioner will be published on the e-Petition website. Only the initials and suburb of anyone who signs it will be published.

Details of the e-Petition process are outlined in a Corporate Standard written in conjunction with a review of council’s Petitions Policy, adopted at today’s ordinary meeting.

Mayor Greg Williamson said digital and social media petitions had increased in popularity in recent years.

He said some online petitions had been accepted in the past by council, but it was often found that many of the signatories weren’t from our region.

“By creating an e-Petition on our website, it will ensure they meet the conditions for a petition to council. The use of our portal also means people can’t sign a petition twice.

“The e-Petitions will be an easy and convenient way for people to petition council on matters of interest or concern.

“It will also be easier for principal petitioners as they will no longer have to canvas people to sign paper-based petitions.”

As part of the review of council’s Petitions Policy, paper-based petitions are still available. There is a template for paper petitions.

They need to be signed by at least 25 people can be posted or emailed to council, or handed in at Client Services Centres in Mackay, Sarina, or Mirani.

Only one online or one paper-based petition on the one topic can be live at the same time.

More details, including how to lodge an e-petition can be found at mackay.qld.gov.au/petitions