Rubbish collection hindered due to rainfall

Published: 16 Jan 2023

Due to the recent heavy rainfall, council’s rubbish trucks have been unable to access some roads to empty bins.

Contractor, JJ Richards, is planning to service the bins on Thursday or Friday (January 19 and 20), however if rain ceases and access is possible before then, the bins will be serviced as soon as it is safe to do so. If rain persists, this may be extended.

Residents on the following roads only are asked to please leave their bins on the kerb until emptied:

  • Muttaburra Road, Balberra
  • Wentzels Road, Balberra
  • Campbells Road, Balberra
  • Thomas Road, Balberra
  • Hacketts Road, Munburra
  • Old Rocky Waterholes Road, Greenmount
  • Scotts Road (off Stockroute Rd)
  • Bergmans Road, Victoria Plains
  • Mirani Mount Ossa Road (Seaforth end)
  • Barrie Lane, Homebush
  • O’Sheas Road, Homebush
  • Markeys Road, Marian
  • Peachs Road, Marian
  • Leichardt Road, Marian/Kinchant Dam
  • Marian Eton Road, Eton/Marian/Mia Mia
  • North Eton Road, North Eton
  • Kinchant Dam Road, North Eton
  • Savannah Drive, Kinchant Dam
  • Mezzens Road, Balberra
  • Osbornes Road, Oakenden
  • Peters Road, Bloomsbury
  • Doughertys Road, Bloomsbury
  • Old Bowen Coach Road, Balnagowan
  • Sievers Road, Oakenden
  • Mount Ossa Road, Mount Charlton / Dows Creek
  • Hopes Sawmill Rd, Kuttabul
  • Pleystowe School Rd, Pleystowe
  • Paskins Rd, Yalboroo
  • Wagoora Yalbaroo Rd, Wagoora
  • Bella Road, Sarina
  • Koumala Bolingbroke Road, Koumala

Council is also experiencing some disruptions to transfer station operations and delays with repairing and replacing broken bins, due to road access.

Council apologises for the inconvenience and thanks you for your understanding.