Sugar Shed Classic wins national award

Published: 02 Dec 2021

Sarina Sugar Shed has been recognised on the national stage for its boutique-crafted and blended spirits.

The Sugar Shed Classic, first released in December 2020 and re-released in August 2021, won a gold medal in the Rum Liqueur category at the 2021 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards last night. It was one of only two rum liqueurs in Australia to be awarded gold in this category.

And the celebratory SB15 3-year rum, released in September for the Sugar Shed’s 15th anniversary, won a bronze medal, while the best-selling Sarina Rum Liqueur 2016 Celebration Edition was once again awarded bronze.

Sarina Sugar Shed distiller Sarah Parrott said it was the first time the Sarina Sugar Shed had won gold at these prestigious distilling awards.

“We are very excited that the Sugar Shed Classic has been recognised at the highest distilling level in Australia,” Ms Parrott said.

“The Sugar Shed Classic rum liqueur is a delicious blend of toffee, chocolate and Christmas pudding flavours which obviously wowed the judges,” she said.

Sarina Sugar Shed coordinator Ian Mason paid tribute to Sarah’s outstanding distilling skills.

“Sarah is passionate about her craft and dedicated to producing high-quality rum and liqueur, so this is a huge and well-deserved honour,” Mr Mason said.

“We have won several silver and bronze medals in these awards, but we are thrilled to have gone one step further this year.”

Deputy Mayor Cr Karen May also paid tribute to Ms Parrott and the whole Sugar Shed team.

“Each year, we have been getting closer and closer in these national distilling awards,” Cr May said.

“The Lychee NOI liqueur missed gold by only a couple of points last year, so it is very exciting for Sarah and the Sarina Sugar Shed to be recognised with a gold this year,” she said.

“As a council and a community, we are very proud of this amazing achievement.”

The Sugar Shed launched a new Distiller’s Sensory Tour in November last year which provides a 45-minute tour and exploration of the distilling process by one of the distillery team.

Although the Sugar Shed Classic has sold out due to popular demand, information about other award-winning products from Sarina Sugar Shed can be found on their website.