Vandals damage East Point fencing

Published: 25 Jul 2022

Vandals have damaged more than 500 metres of fencing along the East Point access detour forcing council to close the track until further notice.

The fencing has been needlessly pulled down onto the track and then driven over causing significant damage to the contractor’s property.

The closure, at the end of the constructed section of Dunes Boulevard, will be implemented immediately so the damaged fencing can be retrieved.

About 300 metres of fencing was damaged on the beach side of the track at the start of the road, and a further 200 metres was pushed over on the private land side at the end of the road.

In addition, there were two to three access points created by the vandals on each side of the road along the fence line.

Council voted on July 13 to maintain vehicle access to East Point via a track off Dunes Boulevard, past the first stage of The Dunes development, which would link up with the existing track to East Point.

The detour was established after an area immediately adjacent to the first stage of the development was closed to vehicular traffic to allow the developer to revegetate the foreshore reserve – a State Government condition.