How can RTI & IP Acts help?

The RTI and IP Acts have three main aims, which fall into the following categories:


Council is required to make available to you documents about its functions and operations. This includes information about its structure, decision-making processes, public participation through boards, councils or committees, and policy documents. You can download some of these documents, such as the Publication Scheme documents, for free. You can also ask to see such documents or purchase copies at Council's Administration Centre, noting that the Publication Scheme is not available in hard copy format.


The RTI and IP Act give you the right to apply for documents, including those about you, held by Council. You can examine and have copies of these documents. You also have rights of review if Council does not give you access to documents you want to see.


You may apply to amend documents containing personal information where you believe that the information is inaccurate, misleading, out-of-date or incomplete.