Past studies

There has been two significant studies undertaken in the past to investigate places of heritage significance within the Mackay region.

1994 Mackay Region Pilot Heritage Study

The Pilot study was undertaken by Graeme Butler and Associates and was designed to cover the environmental history of the post contact Mackay region. The study also developed an extensive listing of heritage and character sites within the region. Each site was researched to identify (if possible) preliminary heritage value, creation date, first/major owner, details of settlements and the historical themes represented.

1996 Heritage Context Study for the Mackay City Council Town Planning Review

The 1996 heritage context study was conducted by Berenice Wright, Anne Jcobs and Roger Dalton and was undertaken to identify the following:

  • Character areas within the CBD (and elsewhere throughout the City), as appropriate;
  • Building elements that contribute to the character including form, height, scale and colour; and
  • The relationship between buildings and their surroundings.

This study was also used as the foundation of the new planning scheme (Mackay City) to direct the development of the heritage and character precincts and codes.

Further information regarding the history of the Mackay region is able to be found on councils' Arts, Culture and Heritage webpage.

Information about the library's heritage collection and related online services are available on the Council's Library webpage.