Proposed Major Amendment 3

Mackay Regional Council is proposing changes to the planning scheme which focuses on the Pioneer Valley townships of Finch Hatton and Eungella. The proposed changes will ensure the region continues to prosper and the Mackay Region Planning Scheme remains effective and contemporary. Amendments to the planning scheme will ensure planning decisions continue to reflect principles and standards developed with community input.

The current planning landscape of both townships have been analysed through a local area planning project, which recommended opportunities for the facilitation of a range of uses to support the Pioneer Valley mountain bike project and associated opportunities, which forms the basis of the proposed amendment.

The proposed major amendment 3 (the proposed amendment) is following the major amendment process required in the Minister’s Guidelines and Rules. In 2022, the proposed amendment was prepared and has been lodged to the State Government for a state interest review.

What are the proposed changes?

The purpose and general effect of the proposed amendment to the planning scheme is to:

  • Facilitate commercial and other specific non-residential uses within designated precincts and through appropriate provisions under the Township zone in the Finch Hatton and Eungella townships;
  • Encourage a wider range of uses or adaptive re-use by changing the zone of a small number of lots to Township in the Finch Hatton and Eungella townships; and
  • Reduce the levels of assessment for certain uses to facilitate appropriate development outcomes for the Finch Hatton and Eungella townships in support of the Pioneer Valley mountain bike project.

Public consultation

Public consultation on the proposed amendment will commence when the state interest review is completed.

Relevant documents and materials for the proposed amendment will be provided here when public consultation commences.

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