Heritage collection

Mackay Regional Council Libraries collect items relating to the development of the Mackay Region. Donated items are cared for to the highest standards, and as a result we are selective about what we collect.

Please use our online form to tell us about your offer. Read our donation checklist below to make sure you can provide the necessary information.

Donation checklist

  1. Can you describe the item?
  2. Do you know who it relates to?
  3. Are there any stories related to it? Why do you think the Heritage Collection is the most appropriate place for your item?
  4. Where did you get it?
  5. Can you confirm you are the legal owner*, and would be happy to transfer permanent legal ownership over to Mackay Regional Council?
  6. If you have multiple items, can you describe the number or volume of the material?
  7. Can you provide a digital image of it?

*Legal owner means having ownership of the physical item.

Things to consider before making an offer to us

  • Unfortunately we are unable to accept everything that is offered to us. We have particular collecting priorities, and some areas of our collection are already well developed.
  • We cannot accept material where current ownership is unknown or might be disputed.
  • We strongly recommend you talk to with your family before you offer material to the Heritage Collection. Their wishes may need to be considered before you proceed.
  • A donation is finalised by the donor signing a Transfer of Ownership Agreement

Current collection priorities

  • We seek to collect original items that relate to the Mackay Region’s development

Collection areas we want to develop

  • Images and information pertaining to the existing site of The Dome, Victoria Street.
  • Images and information pertaining to the Northern side of Victoria Street between Gregory Street and Wood Street.
  • Pre 1971 images and photographs and any site history about businesses located in this area of the CBD is needed.

What we do not collect

  • Photocopies or digital copies of original material, unless the original is no longer in existence
  • Newspaper clippings
  • Secondary source research material
  • Reproductions of artworks
  • Books, photographs, documents or other material published by Mackay Regional Council
  • Copies of items already in the Heritage Collection
  • Copies of material in other public institutions
  • Commercially released audio visual material
  • Material that cannot be connected to Australian experience.
  • Laminated material

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