Buy renewable electricity

Buy renewable electricity
Every time you use electricity in your home greenhouse gases are belched out on your behalf. So buy the clean stuff!

By purchasing 100 per cent Federal Government accredited GreenPower renewable electricity you are instantly switching your electricity dollar from a traditional coal-burning power plant to one of a combination of renewable sources of electricity generation (e.g. wind, hydro, biomass and solar) and stopping approximately 10 tonnes of CO2 / year (for an average home) from being released into the atmosphere.

How to do it now!

Your current energy provider will be able to tell you about the options they provide. Just call the number on your latest electricity bill and tell them you want to switch to 100 per cent renewable electricity (or a percentage). If you are in the mood for a change, find out about the accredited renewable electricity options available from these retailers.

Electricity Provider Phone No# ACT NSW NT QLD SA TAS VIC WA
AGL 131 245    
Aurora Energy 131 002       
Australian Power and Gas 133 298       
Energy Australia 13 15 02     
Ergon Energy 13 10 46       
Green Choice 131 493  
Horizon Power 1800 089 504       
Lumo Energy 1300 115 866    
Origin Energy 13 24 63    
Power Direct 1300 307 966    
PowerWater 1800 245 092       
Simply Energy 13 88 08      
South Australia Electricity 1300 360 294       
Synergy 13 13 53       
Alternatively these retailers allow you to remain with your current electricity retailer but offset your carbon emissions through the purchase GreenPower credits.
Carbon Offset Provider         
CO2 Exchange 03 9805 0728    
Climate Friendly 1300 CLIMATE    
COZero 1300 BE NEUTRAL   
Green Choice 131 493     

Why is this action important?

Traditional sources of energy release large quantities of CO2 into the atmosphere. This CO2 (and other greenhouse gases) is exceeding nature's ability to absorb (sequester) them, and as a result these gases are accumulating in the atmosphere and are causing the global atmosphere to heat up (global warming). The changing weather patterns that result are in turn putting stress on all other parts of the global ecosystem, systems already under stress from human activity. Effects of this include increasing species extinction, desertification, water shortages, and the direct effect of changing weather conditions and the melting of polar icecaps.