Recreation is how we relax, reward and inspire ourselves. Careful choices about travel, luxury holidays and recreational toys can ensure we play sustainably too. With a bit of extra thought, we can make sure our recreational choices don't cost the earth!

Slow and local travel

Slow and local travel

Holidays are a break from the normal routine, yet you can break your routine at home or in your local area, it just requires a new perspective. more »


Modern recreation commonly involves air travel, the development and exploitation of natural environments and resources and the spread of our consumerist lifestyles to the far corners of the planet. If we learn to explore the local, savour slow food and slow travel, and nourish the simple pleasures that abound all around us, our impact on the environment will be lighter and we'll learn more about alternative ways of living and being in harmony with nature.


Once you have embraced a sustainable lifestyle, recreational activities that run counter to this provide you with less and less wellbeing. Conversely, understanding yourself, your relaxation needs and how to satisfy them without harming others can only lead to more tranquil, rewarding and inspiring lives.