Gardens for Wildlife

The Gardens for Wildlife program is for ratepayers who would like to encourage more wildlife into their gardens. As part of this program, ratepayers can collect an extra 10 local native plants for their garden, in addition to the four available through the Free Native Plant Program.

Native plants support biodiversity by providing habitat, food sources and connectivity for wildlife.

As part of this program, ratepayers must:

  • Apply online by filling out the below form. This program is capped at 500 gardens per year; first in, best dressed.
  • Order plants by emailing
  • Include one tree providing canopy cover in your selection. This is to provide a place for birds to perch, food for butterflies and to create shade for cooler neighbourhoods.
  • Receive a Gardens for Wildlife sign that can be installed on your fence.

The Gardens for Wildlife program supports the Mackay Urban Greening Strategy’s vision of growing cooler, greener and more connected neighbourhoods.

Do you know what plant species you require (refer MNEC website)?