Weeds and pest animals (invasive biosecurity matter) have significant negative impacts on the environment, the economy (particularly agriculture) and the community, including human health and recreation. The purpose of managing invasive species is to prevent new introductions and limit these negative impacts.

Under the Queensland Biosecurity Act 2014, everyone has a general biosecurity obligation (GBO) to take all reasonable and practical measures to prevent or minimise a biosecurity risk.  The GBO encourages all relevant parties to take a proactive role in preventing, managing and addressing biosecurity risks that relate to them. Mackay Regional Council aims to work collaboratively with not only landholders in the region but also our neighbouring councils. Please contact Council's Pest Management Officers on 1300 622 529 for assistance.

Biosecurity Plan

The purpose of Mackay Regional Council's Biosecurity Plan is to have an effective and efficient way to control invasive biosecurity matter while educating landholders in the importance of managing pests on their own properties. The plan also helps Council to prioritise where they should be targeting their resources/species to control.


Rat Tail Grass


Wild Dog




Wild Pigs