Eungella Biodiversity Study

Eungella is part of an international scientific study that will help monitor the impacts of climate change on the biodiversity of the picturesque national park.

Mackay Regional Council has approved funding of $115,000 to partner with researchers from Griffith University's School of Environment to complete a Biodiversity, Monitoring and Research Study Project.

A team of scientists will survey 20 rainforest sites at four different elevations to determine which species are unique to particular parts of the rainforest and how they adapt to different climates; information yielded will determine which species will require ongoing monitoring as our climate changes.

Eungella Biodiversity Study information session powerpoints

Eungella Avian Biodiversity Survey - Elliot Leach (PDF 4.82MB)

Dragonflies and Damselflies of Eungella - Dr Chris Burwell (PDF 8.4MB)