Protecting our wildlife

The Mackay region is home to a diverse array of ecosystems which support many different plants and animals.

Part of the Central Queensland Coast bioregion which features a higher rainfall than the surrounding countryside, the region has over 550 native animals and 2200 native plant species. Some of these include species which are found nowhere else on earth!

Unfortunately, many of our native species are threatened by pests, many of which have been introduced into Australia by Europeans and have caused widespread destruction of native habitat.

To protect our native plants, animals and diverse range of habitats, we need to remain informed about pests and take action to control their impact on our environment.

You can do your part by making sure your pets are properly cared for and report any pest animals or plants you see by calling council on 1300 MACKAY (622 529).

For more information on pest species and management, visit

Some examples of local pest plants can be found on the council's weeds page.

There are also several species of local animals classified as pests:

  • Feral cats
  • Dingoes and wild dogs
  • European rabbits
  • Feral pigs
  • European foxes