Protecting yourself

Mackay Regional Council’s Mosquito Management Program operates all year round. Management and specifically control of mosquitoes is the programs main focus.

To reduce the greatest number of mosquitoes as possible, council treats the vast mosquito breeding sites in our salt marsh and freshwater swamps adjacent to residential areas. However, there are numerous things individuals can do to help reduce the impact of mosquitoes.

Steps to eliminate mosquito breeding areas around the home:

  • Dispose of all containers which hold water.
  • Keep fish ponds stocked with fish and keep the edges of ponds and drains clear of grass.
  • Keep swimming pools full and properly maintained.
  • Screen rainwater tanks and ensure guttering is not holding water.
  • Screen all septic tank vents and seal all gaps.
  • Fill or drain depressions in the ground that hold water.
  • Empty pot plant drip trays once a week or fill them with sand.
  • Maintain drains so that water can flow away within two to three days.
  • Do not over irrigate

People in mosquito-prone areas should also fit insect screens to doors and windows, and when outdoors, cover exposed parts of the body with long sleeves, trousers and hats and use an effective insect repellent.